The Fellers

THE FELLERS: Doug Perkins, Guitar • Patrick Ross, Fiddle • Rusty DeWees, Drums. Doug Perkins is a living legend in the New England guitar players circle. Patrick Ross plays fiddle, mandolin and sings. Rusty DeWees is an accomplished drummer, plays guitar pretty well, sings like Merle Haggard and has a hard time not being funny. Together they are, “The Fellers”. In this program, Doug, Patrick and Rusty bring a number of selections from various shows that they do with other people. A little bit of this and little bit of that. From traditional fiddle tunes, to Merle Haggard covers, redneck jokes and soulful renditions of bluegrass favorites. Mostly music and some comedy, these Fellers know how to put on a good show.

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    “It’s not just the technical expertise or the mastery of an amazing variety of styles that puts Vermont fiddler Patrick Ross several steps above and beyond practically all other players; Ross’s eclectic taste and raw energy make sparks and create musical magic every time his bow hits the strings.”- Robert Resnik – VPR –