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5th Generation Fiddle Player

A fiddler since age 5, Patrick Ross knows what it means to be a music-loving kid. As one of Vermont's busiest acoustic roots musicians, he has brought traditional music to audiences of all ages, always giving it a fresh, captivating feel.

A DJ, composer, singer and producer as well as superb multi-instrumentalist, Ross is the very model of the modern traditional musician! He grew up near the Canadian border, and his grandparents came from Quebec, where there's a strong tradition of fiddling. At age 12 he caught the attention of a Smithsonian Folkway Records team documenting regional folk music, who ended up recording him on the front porch of his family's home. He won the Vermont-State Fiddle Championship at age 14 and has been performing professionally since age 19, when he joined Smokin' Grass, a Vermont bluegrass band that blended elements of folk and roots rock.

Now in his mid 30s, Ross has toured with a variety of music ensembles, worked in Nashville with a Celtic band, performed at the Grand Ole Opry and the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington, D.C., and shared stages with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Paul McCartney. He's established himself as one of Vermont's top session musicians. He tours the state regularly, has started an annual music festival and opened his own recording label, Rock Farmer Records, dedicated to "roots" music. Always busy, Ross performs with The Fellers with Rusty DeWees and guitarist Doug Perkins, the bluegrass band Mountain Money, and bands Hot Flannel and Atlas Key. His solo concerts include a worldwide range of fiddle styles as well as songs he has written for guitar, banjo, mandolin and cello.

Said Robert Resnik, host of Vermont Public Radio's All the Traditions, "It's not just the technical expertise or the mastery of an amazing variety of styles that puts Vermont fiddler Patrick Ross several steps above and beyond practically all other players; Ross's eclectic taste and raw energy make sparks and create musical magic every time his bow hits the strings." Remarked his performance partner DeWees: "Equal to or perhaps beyond Patrick Ross' virtuosic command of the fiddle is the easy and entertaining style in which he commands a performance. I'm blessed to have shared his stage."

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Vermont born, fifth generation fiddle player, Patrick Ross won the Vermont-State Fiddle Championship at age fourteen. He has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and shared stages with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Paul McCartney. In 2012, he was invited to perform at both the Calvin Coolidge Theater in The Library of Congress and The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. He has had the pleasure of working with Christopher Lloyd in a recent production of, “Call Of The Wild 3D” and assisted in the scoring of the film. He now lives in Newbury, Vermont with his wife and daughter. He works and teaches in collaboration with the Vermont Folklife Center and has recently started an independent record label called Rock Farmer Records with the mission of producing, recording and preserving Roots music. His solo concerts include a world wide range of fiddle styles as well as songs he has penned with guitar, banjo, mandolin and cello. For full length videos and other musings please visit www.patrickrossmusic.com

Né au Vermont, Etats-Unis, ce joueur du violin de la cinquième génération, Patrick Ross, a gagné le Championnat du violin de l’état de Vermont à l’âge de quatorze ans. Aussi, il a joué au centre de musique “country”,The Grand Old Opry, et a partagé l’étage avec Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, et Paul McCartney. En 2012, il a été invité à exécuter des numéros au Théâtre Calvin Coolidge du Théâtre De la Bibliothèque du Congrès et aussi au Centre des Arts Kennedy à New York. Plus récemment Il a pris beaucoup de plaisir à travailler avec Christopher Lloyd sur la mise en scène du film “The Call of the Wild 3D”, aidant dans la création de la musique pour le film. Aujourd’hui Il habite à Newbury, Vermont, avec sa femme et leur fille. Il travaille et enseigne en common avec Le Centre Folklorique du Vermont. Plus récemment il a fait début un compagnie d’enregistrement sous le label Rock Farmer Records. On veut produire, enregistrer , et préserver la tradition de la musique Roots. Il execute ses concerts solo aux étages internationals où il démontre des styles du violin bien variés . De plus il chante les chansons qu’il a composées lui-même tout en jouant de la guitare, du banjo, et du violoncello.

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The story begins in the borderlands of Quebec in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom where Patrick Ross learned traditional folk tunes from his father and began his journey as a fifth generation fiddle player. Outlaw Country, Blues, Gospel, Folk, Gypsy Jazz, Classical and Bluegrass are all stops along the way though this autobiographical account of the artist’s formative moments in music. Life lessons, laughs and the associated sounds of people and places that have enriched Ross’s catalog are the topic of this multi-instrument, multi-genre acoustic concert.

With every name there’s a face, a place and an accent. There is, more importantly, a way of doing things that is at the heart of identity, whether personal, cultural or musical. From backyard BBQ’s to stadium concerts, each experience along the way has expanded Patrick’s musical vocabulary to match any occasion and to better express himself.

Having crossed many borders in the United States, Canada, Central America and Europe, a show is Patrick Ross’s statement on identity through ways of, “doing music”.

Son histoire commence sur la frontière entre le Québec et le “Northeast Kingdom” (le Royaume du nord-est) du Vermont aux Etats-Unis.  C’est là où son père a appris à Patrick Ross les airs traditionnels québécois et américains d’où il a commencé son voyage comme joueur du violon de la cinquième génération.  Des genres comme “Outlaw Country”, “Blues”, “Gospel,” Folklorique, le jazz aussi bien que le “bluegrass”, un style de la campagne américaine, et le violon classique, étaient toutes des haltes formatrices en route du compte autobiographique de l’artiste.  Les leçons de la vie, les rires des gens et d’autres sons associés d’un endroit ont enrichis le répetoire de sa musique et forment le base de ses concerts d’ instruments et de genres variés.

Tout nom peut être associé avec un figure, un lieu, ou un accent spécial. De plus,  il y a une faćon de se comporter qui produit le coeur d’indentité, soit personnel, soit culturel, ou bien musical. Des barbecues des arrières-cours aux concerts des arènes, chaque expérience a  étendu le vocabulaire musical de Patrick afin de convenir à l’occasion et de mieux s’exprimer.

Ayant traversé les  frontières du Canada, de l’Amérique Centrale, et des pays européens beaucoup de fois et aux endroits nombreux, Patrick Ross démontre son identité tout en faisant de la musique.

Laugh, Love, Cry

From Patrick's One Man Show