On this page you will find free downloads of audio and printable materials.  These materials are designed to compliment lessons that I teach through online video conferencing.  If you or someone you know would like more information about lessons through video conference, please refer to the contact link below. 

Violin For Beginners

Version 82 starts on open D and plays through twice.

Version 90 starts on open D then on the second time through starts on open G. 

Version 100 starts on open D, then on the second time through starts on open G, then the third and final time through starts on open A. 

Violin For Beginners

For Drummers & Guitarists

Fiddle tune Co-Writes w/students

 One of the primary aspects of  lessons is learning how to play along with a rhythm section.  Because we cannot, "jam" through Zoom, I've been investing lots of time in my recording studio to provide solid rhythm tracks for students.

  •  Composers on that list are expected to learn all the tunes in that section. When the quarantine is lifted, Cindy and I plan to host a pizza party and those fiddlers will be able to come together and jam on the tunes they've written and learned. 
  • One average, one tune is being added per week. 
  • The recordings are full spectrum.  They are designed to simulate what it would be like to play in a band. Immersing oneself in the overall feel of the rhythm is enhanced when the volume mimics that of what an actual band would sound like. 
  • This is best achieved by downloading the tracks from my website and onto the hard drive of whatever device is being used.  Streaming each track from my website is useful only as reference. Connecting a bluetooth speaker or using headphones helps with the rhythm/timing conditioning and over all simulation.

Fiddle Tune co-Writes w/students